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It is easier than ever for yachts to explore Washington State and beyond.


Culminating in a 15-year effort by Superyacht Northwest and its members, Washington State will now allow nonresident owned yachts to acquire two 60-day permits a year for private cruising and charter business. Nonresident entity and individually owned boats will now be treated similarly for the first time.
Nonresident-owned charter yachts up to 200’ in length will be able to operate in Washington and will be subject to use tax measured by a small percentage of the charter fee. For more information on how you can take advantage of the HB 1107 benefits, contact us at +1 206-289-0536 or resources@synw.org.


Offered by: Worth Avenue Yachts

Cruise through the watery trails winding through the enchanting islands of the San Juan Islands and Desolation Sound aboard charter yacht SUMMERTIME II. The Pacific Northwest coastline provides a unique charter experience that you can’t get anywhere else. The rolling hills covered in Kelly green trees lining the gentle coastlines provide a sublime environment to relax, unplug, and enjoy the yacht’s amenities.


Length: 116’ (35.4m)

Beam: 24’ 11” (7.6m)

Draft: 7’ (2.13m)

Builder: Hatteras

Year/Refit: 1997 / 2022

Guests: 8

Staterooms: 4

Crew: Captain + 4

Cruising: 11 Knots

Flag: Canada

Locations: Alaska, British Columbia, Washington


Offered by: Destination Alaska Charters

Many yachts simply do not have the space to carry a full line of toys onboard. That's where we come into play. Built with heavy-duty welded aluminum right here in Alaska, the 98 x 24 Peregrine is a high-capacity landingcraft style vessel. Don’t let her rugged exterior good looks fool you, her interior has extraordinary yacht-like finishing touches in the staterooms, kitchen and salon. Powered by triple Cummins 405's and stabilized by two Seakeepers, it is a true luxury toy hauler. This vessel comes equipped with 7 jet skis, 6 kayaks, 4 paddle boards, and all the necessary gear to make your adventure an expedition of a lifetime. She also has a spacious lower level for banquet style dining, an 8 person hot tub, a commercial kitchen and grill station, meat smoker, and sleeping quarters for up to 12. We have found this vessel to be the perfect platform for launching our incredible expeditions.


Length: 98'

Beam: 24'

Draft: 4’

Builder: Peregrine Marine

Year/Refit: 1995 / 2018

Guests: Up to 12

Staterooms: 4

Crew: Captain + 3

Cruising: 9 Knots

Flag: USA

Locations: South Central Alaska, Kenai Peninsula, Homer to Seward


Offered by: Worth Avenue Yachts

Designed for adventure, excitement, comfort, and entertainment TABULA RASA offers the freedom and opportunity to explore the serene waters of Washington. Hoist the sails and let the wind carry you as you glide effortlessly to your next destination. If feeling the ocean breeze is what you crave, the bow seating area is an exhilarating spot to be while underway.


Length: 57’ (17.37)

Beam: 30’ (9.14m)

Draft: 4’ 6” (1.37m)

Builder: Lagoon

Year/Refit: 2001 / 2022

Guests: 8

Staterooms: 4

Crew: Captain + 1

Cruising: 10 Knots

Flag: USA

Locations: Washington


Offered by: Alaska Luxury Tours

This vessel is the perfect compliment to your SE Alaska Superyacht adventure. The Luff Boat is available as additional accommodations for extra crew, pilots and/or as a tender suited for the Alaska environment. We deliver expert naturalists, captains, expertise as well as licensed fishing operations for Salmon & Halibut. Alaska is more than a location, it's our lifestyle. Let the team at Alaska Luxury Tours show you what it means to explore the last frontier.


Length: 60’ (19.30m)

Beam: 17’ 8” (5.38m)

Draft: 4’ 11” (1.49m)

Builder: Riviera

Year/Refit: 2015 / 2020

Guests: 6

Staterooms: 2 + 2 Crew Berths

Crew: 2

Cruising: 32 Knots

Flag: USA

Locations: Alaska

Frequently Asked Questions

Superyacht Northwest is committed to providing the best experience for Owners, Captains, and Crew Members. We are here to assist you in navigating the local laws and regulations so that you can spend time navigating through the cobalt blue waters adorning the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

WA Charter FAQs | AK Charter FAQs | BC Charter FAQs

Washington State FAQs

Do I qualify for a Nonresident Vessel Permit for Washington State?
A Nonresident Vessel Permit can be completed for non-Washington state resident and foreign-flagged vessels (individually or entity owned) up to 200 feet wishing to cruise in Washington waters longer than 60 days.
Helpful Link: Washington Department of Revenue
How do I obtain a Nonresident Vessel Permit for Washington State?
Complete the Nonresident Vessel Permit Approval Application on or before the 61st day of cruising and receive an Approval Permit from the Washington State Department of Revenue. Then visit a vehicle or vessel licensing office and provide a copy of the Approval Permit including the date of the vessel’s first entry to Washington, Valid Vessel Registration, and Valid Identification. If you plan to use the vessel for charter use, then contact Superyacht Northwest for important next steps.
Helpful Link: Nonresident Vessel Permit Approval Application
What is the tax rate for charters in Washington State?
The tax rate for charters completed by nonresident owned vessels is determined by the embarkation location.
Helpful Link: Washington Department of Revenue Tax Rate Lookup
Helpful Link: Washington Department of Revenue Charter Tax
Where can I go in Washington State?
From the Puget Sound to the Salish Sea and around the Peninsula, Washington State is home to an abundance of waterways that offer some of the best cruising grounds in the world. One of the most popular destinations is the San Juan Islands. Feel free to reach out to Superyacht Northwest directly for custom itineraries and cruising information.
Helpful Link: San Juan Islands Cruising Guide
Helpful Link: South Puget Sound Cruising Guide
Helpful Link: The State of Washington Tourism
How long can I charter in Washington State?
Resident owned vessels can charter is Washington State for as long as they would like. Nonresident owned vessels that have completed the Nonresident Vessel Permit Approval Application can charter for 90 days. After 90 days another Nonresident Vessel Permit Approval Application can be completed to allow for up to 180 days of charter use.
Helpful Link: Washington Department of Revenue
Is there transient moorage available?
Yes, there are many marinas in Washington State that can accommodate transient superyachts.
Helpful Link: Superyacht Northwest Services Guide
Who do I call for help provisioning?
Superyacht Northwest has several members that can assist with provisioning your superyacht in Washington and beyond.
Helpful Link: Superyacht Northwest Services Guide
Are there technicians available to service my yacht?
Washington is home to some of the best marine technicians that can assist with everything from navigation and electronics to stabilization, and custom fabrication. Contact a Superyacht Northwest shipyard and repair service or more information.
Helpful Link: Superyacht Northwest Services Guide
How do I contact US Customs & Border Patrol?
There are many U.S. Custom and Border Protection offices in Washington including popular yachting destinations like Seattle, Roche Harbor/Friday Harbor, and Port Angeles. Superyacht Northwest can help get you in touch with the U.S. Custom and Border Protection closest to you, feel free to contact us.
Helpful Link: CBP Port of Entry in Washington
How do I contact the USCG?
The U.S. Coast Guard 13 th District encompasses Washington and the entire Pacific Northwest coast. There are many units stationed around the Puget Sound. Contact Superyacht Northwest or visit the U.S.C.G. website for more information.
Helpful Link: Unites States Coast Guard District 13
Do I need pilotage in Washington State?
Yes, Washington State requires pilotage for nearly all vessels by a pilot that is licensed by both the United Stated Coast Guard and the State of Washington. Pilotage must be arranged 24 hours in advance through the vessel’s agent or via direct phone call.
Helpful Link: Puget Sound Pilots Vessel Guidelines
Helpful Link: Order a Pilot

Frequently Asked Questions for Alaska

Where can I go in Alaska?
With expansive views of towering glaciers, majestic waterfalls, and breathtaking wildlife, the rugged beauty of the Alaskan wilderness is perfect for a nautical adventure. Visit stunning ports of call and explore the untouched beauty of the state's innumerable waterways. The combination of the majestic environment and luxurious yachts creates an unforgettable experience.
Helpful Link: Alaska Cruising Guide
Helpful Link: Destinations
What can I do in Alaska?
Alaska boats world-class fishing with opportunities to catch a variety of fish including salmon, halibut, and trout. Other popular activities include kayaking, whale watching, and sightseeing. Venturing inland you’ll have the opportunity to explore the Alaskan wilderness and see all types of wildlife.
Helpful Link: Alaska Cruising Guide
Helpful Link: Travel Alaska
How can I provision my yacht?
Superyacht Northwest members, Northwest Yacht Support and Pacific Yacht Management can help provision your yacht in Alaska. They can also assist with pilotage, parts and supplies, and much more.
Helpful Link: Northwest Yacht Support
Helpful Link: Pacific Yacht Management
Helpful Link: Superyacht Northwest Services Guide
What is the tax rate in Alaska?
The tax rate in Alaska is determined by where the service is performed. Given that a yacht charter occurs in multiple jurisdictions, the Captain would need to identify how much time was spent in each jurisdiction, so that the tax amount can be calculated and remitted correctly. If a charter embarks in Sitka or Ketchikan sales tax is required on the full charter. Superyacht Northwest can help you navigate the tax amounts when charting in Alaska.
Helpful Link: Alaska Tax Jurisdiction
Do I need pilotage in Alaska?
Pilotage is required in Alaska for all vessels over 65’ that are foreign flagged. Yachts that are 65’ to 175’ can submit an exemption from pilotage and upon approval from the State pilot board can navigate without a pilot. It is important to know that vessels 125’ to 175’ are required to have a pilot upon first approval to an Alaskan port, regardless of exemption status.
Helpful Link: Southeast Alaska Pilot’s Association
Helpful Link: Alaska Board of Marine Pilots
How do I contact the USCG?
The U.S. Coast Guard 17 th District encompasses the Pacific Area throughout Alaska and the Arctic. They patrol over 47,300 miles of shoreline and an area over 3,853,500 square miles. Contact Superyacht Northwest or visit the U.S.C.G. website for more information.
Helpful Link: United States Coast Guard District 17
How do I contact US Customs & Border Patrol?
There are 11 Ports of Entry in Alaska and 20 Customs & Border Patrol offices. To find the office best suited for your needs contact Superyacht Northwest or US CBP directly using the helpful links below.
Helpful Link: US Customs & Border Patrol offices in Alaska
Helpful Link: Locate of Port of Entry in Alaska
Can I renew my Cruising Permit in Alaska?
Unfortunately, a cruising permit cannot be renewed while in Alaskan waters. A Cruising Permit can be issued while in Alaskan waters.
Helpful Link: C.P.B. Requirements for Entering the US
Can I visit Glacier Bay National Park, Anan Creek Bear Observatory, or Pack Creek Bear Sanctuary?
These parks require a permit or reservation to enter. Superyacht Northwest member, Destination Alaska Charters, can help in filing the permits and arranging the visit. They also can assist with transportation and other excursions in Alaska.
Helpful Link: Destination Alaska Charters
Helpful Link: Superyacht Northwest Services Guide

Frequently Asked Questions for British Columbia

Can I charter in British Columbia?
Chartering is not allowed in Canada unless the vessel meets all the criteria set in the Canada Shipping Act including the associated regulations. Additionally, the vessel must be approved to by Transport Canada.
Helpful Link: Canada Shipping Act, 2001
What is a Bareboat Charter?
In Canada, yachts are defined and regulated by how they are used. A yacht is defined as either a Pleasure Craft or Non-Pleasure Craft. To learn more about the difference between these definitions use the helpful links below. Any vessel that is considered a pleasure craft would have to conduct a bareboat charter. This is when only the vessel is rented or leased, and the charterer becomes responsible for the vessel and everything associated with the vessel.
Helpful Link: About Pleasure Craft Licensing and Vessel Registration
Helpful Link: Is My Boat a Pleasure Craft or Non-Pleasure Craft?
Helpful Link: Bareboat Charters – What you Need to Know
Where can I go in British Columbia?
There is over 27,200 kilometers of coastline in British Columbia waiting to be explored. This natural paradise boasts exquisite scenery and an abundance of wildlife. Best explored by yacht, you’ll experience some of the most unique cruising in the world. Reach out to Superyacht Northwest for a custom itinerary and important cruising information.
Helpful Link: British Columbia Cruising Guide
Helpful Link: Destinations
What can I do in British Columbia?
British Columbia offers a wealth of opportunities and activities. From fishing to hiking, swimming, diving, and much more the options are seemingly endless. Contact Superyacht Northwest for personalized activity and attraction suggestions.
Helpful Link: British Columbia Cruising Guide
Helpful Link: Hello BC
What is the tax rate in Canada?
Generally, the rate of Provincial Sales Tax (PST) is 7% on the purchase or lease of goods and services, with some exceptions. Additionally, a Goods and Services Tax (GST) is collected and based on location. The current GST rate for British Columbia is 5%.
Helpful Link: Charge and Collect the Tax – Which Rate to Charge
Helpful Link: How PST Works
How can I provision my yacht in Canada?
Superyacht Northwest member, Northwest Yacht Support, can help provision your yacht in British Columbia. They can also assist with pilotage, customs and immigration, parts and supplies, and more.
Helpful Link: Northwest Yacht Support
Helpful Link: Superyacht Northwest Services Guide
How do I contact the Canada Border Services Agency?
There are many Canada Border Services Agency offices in British Columbia, some of which are dedicated to marine travel. For more information about the CBSA regulations contact Superyacht Northwest.
Helpful Link: CBSA Offices
How do I contact the Canadian Coast Guard?
The Canadian Coast Guard is a special agency that works to ensure the safety of mariners in Canadian Waters. They also work to protect Canada’s marine environment. There are many Canadian Coast Guard stations in British Columbia. Contact Superyacht Northwest or the Canadian Coat Guard to find the best station.
Helpful Link: Canadian Coast Guard Emergency Numbers